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Naked Lime Digital Services Proven to Drive Sales Opportunities for Dealers

Naked Lime Case Studies Support an Evolving Digital Approach to Attracting and Retaining Dealership Customers

KETTERING, Ohio - Jan. 26, 2017- Naked Lime Marketing conducted several case studies in the last year with the goal of illustrating the tangible benefits enjoyed among automotive retailers taking advantage of Naked Lime's services. While the studies range across a wide variety of Naked Lime services, a clear pattern emerges across all: the case studies support the need for an ever-evolving digital approach to attracting and retaining dealership customers.


"At Naked Lime, we're focused on delivering digital marketing services that help dealers to protect their customer base and win more business," said Chris Walsh, vice president at Naked Lime Marketing. "These case studies offer specific proof about the results we deliver for our dealership customers."


The Case Studies


Reputation Management   is a vital tool in helping dealerships make sure an accurate story of their business is presented to the public: earning and maintaining a positive online reputation is the key to that in today's digital age. Naked Lime addresses this need with its Digital Reputation Management service, including a Response Handling option, in which a dedicated specialist is appointed to investigate negative reviews, post personalized responses to all reviews with approval, and push on-site reviews to dealership social media.


Naked Lime analyzed year-over-year data for dealerships new to reputation management services to see the impact from 2015 to 2016. Based on Google, Yelp, and Facebook responses, dealers using Naked Lime's services saw response activity increase over 200 percent. Read here for the full study.


Structured Snippets, Google ad extensions generated from content on a website, help people decide if they are interested in visiting a site. Dealers face stiff competition in driving website traffic, and every ad extension has the potential to increase impressions, clicks, and conversions.


Naked Lime selected sample dealerships and tested a variety of Structured Snippet headers to evaluate effectiveness. The result: in months of advertising featuring Snippets versus the same months without, each dealership performed well above normal expectations in click-through-rate, cost-per-click, and average search position. See the full study here.


Dynamic Used Campaigns are a tool to help dealers overcome the significant challenge of successfully advertising used vehicles because that inventory changes daily. Dynamic Used Campaigns allow dealers to show digital ads for specific vehicles in stock, based on customer search matches to their actual inventory.


Naked Lime began testing Dynamic Used Campaigns as a way for dealers to more effectively sell used inventory, working with two test dealerships of very different sizes. The first, a large Toyota store, saw an increase in the number of used units sold of over 350 percent, and a decrease in the days used vehicles spent on the lot of over 500 percent. The second dealership, a smaller Ford Lincoln dealership, saw modest, but still significant, improvements: an increase in the number of used units sold of 22 percent, and a decrease in the days used vehicles spent on the lot of 21 percent. Check out the full study here.


Naked Lime at 2017 NADA Convention


To learn more about Naked Lime's full suite of digital marketing, advertising, and web services for automotive retailers, stop by NADA Convention booth #2327, Jan. 26-29, 2017, New Orleans, Louisiana.


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