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XtreamService from Naked Lime provides your dealership with profitable sales offers to in-market customers by:

  • Using DMS* records to identify your best prospects.
  • Ensuring that leads meet criteria like equity position, transaction type, payment, interest rate, model, and more.
  • Delivering real-time notifications when a qualified sales opportunity enters your service drive.
  • Improving customer retention, CSI, and vehicle gross by bringing customers into the sales funnel sooner.
  • Easily engaging with customers through personalized email and direct mail.



*Only available for Reynolds and Reynolds DMS customers.


Your lead sheet will tell you everything you need to know to approach each customer and close a profitable deal.

XtreamService lead sheets close more deals by:

  • Showing the customer's complete sales history with your dealership.
  • Factoring service contract type, expiration date, and mileage into the approach.
  • Presenting the deal structure in a way that is easy to follow and understand.


Whether a pre-scheduled service appointment or walk-in customer, you'll never miss a sales opportunity from your service drive.

Walk-ins: Your sales team is notified within three minutes of a new R.O. for a qualified customer, and armed with an offer tailored spefically for them.

Appointments: Start each day with a stream of sales leads already lined up, matched from your service appointments, your DMS sales data, and your inventory.


How does it keep customers happy? Watch the video.


Send targeted communications to the most desirable customers - before they even start the buying process.

Email and direct mail sales campaigns for every scenario:

  • Model year upgrade
  • Vehicle buy-back
  • Interest rate reduction
  • Equity trade-up
  • And more!
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