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Targeted Marketing

Naked Lime presents your dealership's customers with relevant, timely messages that encourage action using:

  • Engaging, personalized eNewsletters to maintain customer relationships and increase dealership retention.
  • A clean, expanded, segmented marketing database helps you hit your target every time. 
  • A full suite of targeted communications to find every customer at the right time, through the right channel, with the best offer.
  • Dedicated Specialists who work with you to develop, create, and execute a strategic marketing plan.


Exceptional service, original content, and industry expertise.

Make your dealership top of mind through a monthly eNewsletter designed to deliver relevant content that builds loyalty with your customers and promotes your brand to prospects. Our eNewsletters combine original and relevant content with behavioral data on your audience, giving you the unique ability to understand when they are in-market and most likely to buy.

Your dedicated Marketing Support Specialist will manage the creation, strategy, and delivery of your newsletter that offers:

  • Engaging articles.
  • Promotions and articles specific to your dealership.
  • Timely, informative, and original content.
  • Specialist managed newsletter production, optimization, and distribution.
  • Reporting metrics that determine effectiveness, allowing us to adapt your eNewsletter strategy monthly.

Data-Driven Strategy

33% of the customers in your database don’t own the car you think they do.

Your DMS data alone is too inaccurate to use for targeted marketing campaigns - you can't be sure that your messages are even reaching your customers. Why guess when you can know?

  • Implement a customized and effective marketing approach for your dealership to drive sales, increase service traffic and capture new business.
  • Create a superior marketing engine using your DMS database with verified and appended household data from numerous sources, including Polk Cross Sell, Customer Repurchase Reports, USPS, and more.
  • Keep your database current and accurate through regular updates to ensure you are working with the cleanest data possible.
  • Segment and household your data to help ensure you're sending the right message, at the right time, to the right person, about the right vehicle, via the right channel, every time.


How do you win with targeted marketing? Stop using the same playbook as your competition! Read the whitepaper.

Email and Direct Mail

Take control of your dealership's targeted marketing efforts with a complete communication strategy that reaches and retains more customers.

Close more deals by putting the right offer in front of every customer using:

  • Targeted Sales and Service Email - Emails are designed for deliverability - we test in every platform before sending, so you can be confident your messages are being seen by your customers no matter what device they are using.
  • Direct Mail - Drive interaction and engagement by adding direct mail to your marketing efforts. Our industry-exclusive intelligent database reduces invalid or duplicate addresses, allowing you to send fewer pieces of mail, with better results.
Does it really work? Watch and see.

Dedicated Specialist

Your dedicated experts do all the heavy lifting for you.

  • Advises you on successful marketing campaigns and channels using market data to better understand your customers and competitors.
  • Works with you to develop and execute a marketing strategy based on industry data and market analysis.
  • Manages a strategic marketing planner, so you know what communications are being sent, to whom, and when.
  • Creates targeted messages that drive customer action.
  • Reports results to you monthly and adjusts your upcoming strategy accordingly.