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Targeted Marketing

Naked Lime sends dealership customers targeted, data-driven messages that:

  • Solution Intro Yes Bullet Are designed for delivery to every inbox.
  • Solution Intro Yes Bullet Target with the best data from OEMs, Polk, USPS, and Vin Title Transfer.
  • Solution Intro Yes Bullet Effectively recapture inactive customers.
  • Solution Intro Yes Bullet Turn your existing customers into actionable sales leads.
  • Solution Intro Yes Bullet Reach thousands more customers with your newly cleansed and appended database.

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It’s time to take control of your dealership’s Targeted Marketing efforts.

What are you doing to make sure the messages you are sending to your customers are relevant, timely, and encourage action?

Data-Driven Strategy

33% of the customers in your database don’t own the car you think they do.

Your DMS data alone is too inaccurate to use for targeted marketing campaigns - you can't be sure that your messages are even reaching your customers. Why guess when you can know?

  • Implement a customized and effective marketing approach for your dealership to drive sales, increase service traffic and capture new business.
  • Create a superior marketing engine using your DMS database with verified and appended household data from numerous sources, including Polk Cross Sell, Customer Repurchase Reports, USPS, and more.
  • Keep your database current and accurate through regular updates to ensure you are working with the cleanest data possible.
  • Segment and household your data to help ensure you're sending the right message, at the right time, to the right person, about the right vehicle, via the right channel, every time.


How do you win with targeted marketing? Stop using the same playbook as your competition! Read the whitepaper.

Dedicated Specialist

Your dedicated experts do all the heavy lifting for you.

  • Builds customer touch-points branded to your dealership, so you'll stand out in the crowd.
  • Advises you on successful marketing campaigns and channels using market data to better understand your customers and competitors.
  • Develops and executes a marketing strategy based on industry data and market analysis.
  • Creates a strategic marketing planner, so you know what communications are being sent, to whom, and when.
  • Creates emails that will get delivered to your customer's inbox and drive customer action.
  • Sends relevant and targeted messages to your customers.
  • Reports results to you monthly and adjusts your upcoming strategy accordingly.
  • Holds monthly strategy meetings with your dealership.

Targeted Sales and Service Email

Send to a place your customer can’t ignore - her inbox.

Emails are designed for deliverability - we test in every platform before sending, so you can be confident your messages are being seen by your customers no matter what device they are using.

  • Send birthday wishes, thank you notes, service reminders, promotional campaigns, and more to the right customer at the right time.
  • Send conquest emails targeting consumers in your area who are in the market to buy a vehicle.
Does it really work? Watch and see.

Direct Mail

Exclusive data.

Drive interaction and engagement by adding direct mail to your marketing efforts. Our industry-exclusive intelligent database reduces invalid or duplicate addresses, allowing you to send fewer pieces of mail, with better results.

Never lose touch.

Reach all of your customers regardless of how long it's been since their last visit, how far they are from your dealership, or the make or model year of their vehicle. Go even further with conquest marketing to take your unfair share from your competitors.

Conquest Email and Direct Mail

Not your customer? Not a problem.

Find customers in your area who are in the market to buy a vehicle, and target them with conquest emails and direct mail pieces.

  • Select your audience by credit status, current vehicle, or distance from your dealership.
  • Access an accurate opt-in database of over 125 million consumers.
  • Partner with conquesting sources such as R.L. Polk to identify the customers most likely to buy.
  • Suppress DMS and Targeted Marketing data to ensure only new customers are being targeted.
  • Email "In Market to Buy" customers, linking them directly to your website.
  • Provide sales reports from your DMS data to verify total sales generated from each campaign.


Exceptional service, original content, and industry expertise.

Make your dealership top of mind through a monthly eNewsletter designed to deliver relevant content that builds loyalty with your customers and promotes your brand to prospects. Our eNewsletters combine original and relevant content with behavioral data on your audience, giving you the unique ability to understand when they are in-market and most likely to buy.

Your dedicated Marketing Support Specialist will manage the creation, strategy, and delivery of your newsletter that offers:

  • Engaging articles.
  • Promotions and articles specific to your dealership.
  • Timely, informative, and original content.
  • Specialist managed newsletter production, optimization, and distribution.
  • Reporting metrics that determine effectiveness, allowing us to adapt your eNewsletter strategy monthly.


Disrupt the cycle.

If you are going to sell 12 cars today, would you rather make 300 phone calls or 30? Your best leads are already in your dealership - you just have to know where to look.

Your dedicated Marketing Specialist helps you:

  • Use specific event triggers within your dealership records to identify your best prospects.
  • Ensure that leads meet criteria like equity position, transaction type, payment, interest rate, model, and more.
  • Improve customer retention, CSI, and vehicle gross by bringing customers into the sales funnel sooner.
  • Easily engage with customers through email, text, and direct mail.

*Only available for Reynolds and Reynolds DMS customers.

How do you sell to them before they even know they want to buy? Watch the video.