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Digital Reputation Management

Your dealership reputation alone might not sell cars, but it can absolutely UN-sell them. Know what customers are saying and participate where it counts. With the right approach, unhappy customers can become raving fans.
Dealer forums
Review sites
Local directory sites

Digital reputation management is crucial because what you don't know can hurt you. Naked Lime offers: 

  • Constant monitoring of the most influential websites in your market and beyond.
  • Notification and response handling process for negative reviews.
  • Build a positive online reputation with customized programs and campaigns.
  • Monthly reports tracking reviews, recommendations, and campaigns.


Naked Lime customers see on average:
  • 36 social media mentions
  • 99 reviews
  • 3.4 overall star rating
GM SFE Reputation Management
  • Average Rating - 17.6% increase
  • Average Social Media Mentions - 163.5% increase
  • Average Number of Reviews - 105.2% increase
GM SFE Response Handling Service
  • 200% faster increase in star rating
  • 225% faster increase in referral scores
  • 2.4 point increase in star rating vs. only a 0.8 point increase for dealers without Response Handling

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