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Market Strategy

Naked Lime Lead Account Strategists use exclusive market data to help dealers identify:

  • Where your competitors are selling.
  • Maximum return on advertising spend.
  • Advertising strategy implementation.
  • The right customers to target.
  • Best pricing for your vehicles.

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The Service

Getting your hands on data is easy. Turning it into an actionable dealership marketing strategy is not.

We operate in an age of virtually unlimited information sources. How do you use the available information to develop a data-driven strategy for consistent, targeted advertising and marketing campaigns?

  • Industry experts drive real results with data-powered marketing and advertising.
  • Real-time monitoring of major digital and traditional media channels.
  • Customized artwork for cross-platform campaigns.
  • In-depth custom reporting.
  • Coordination of all marketing and advertising efforts across teams and vendors.

What's the benefit of a single marketing partner? Watch and learn.

Your Specialist

Control your dealership’s entire marketing and advertising presence with one phone call.

Your Lead Account Strategist is an automotive expert who leverages data from your DMS, your OEM, and your specific market to completely customize your marketing mix.

Your Strategist wears many hats to help ensure your success, including:

  • Inventory Manager - Helps to stock the right vehicles based on industry and competitive data
  • Dealership Consultant - Determines the appropriate marketing and advertising budget to maximize your market share.
  • Marketing Coordinator - Serves as your quarterback, calling all marketing plays on behalf of your dealership.
  • Strategist - Reports dealership metrics and implements a proactive, data-driven strategy.
How many vendors does it take? Watch and see.