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Digital Advertising

Search engines drive automotive purchases. 73% of in-market activity involves cross-shopping, and digital advertising lets shoppers know you have what they want, when they want it. Precisely targeted ads reach in-market buyers and remarketing keeps your dealership in the game.
Learn how traditional advertising aligns with digital.
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Paid search with custom landing pages
Facebook advertising
Display advertising
Remarketing strategies

Your Bing and Google certified specialist fully manages paid search campaigns, digital video, social media and display ads, and digital remarketing for you.

  • Run targeted digital video campaigns on YouTube, Google Content Network, and more.
  • Increase brand awareness and ad effectiveness with strategically placed display and Facebook advertising.
  • Rely on your dedicated expert to keep up with constantly changing rules and manage your pay-per-click bids.
  • Remarketing strategies help you target the audience with the right offer every time.
  • Receive regular, transparent reporting on every dollar spent and the results.



  • 112% increase in Clickthrough Rate
  • 39% decrease in Cost per Click
  • $1.77 average Naked Lime CPC ($2-$6 industry average)
  • Average Cost per Click:
    • Highline - $1.44
    • Import - $1.73
    • Domestic - $2.01

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