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Digital Advertising

Naked Lime Digital Advertising Services for dealers deliver more effective leads with:

  • Behavioral and search intent data to find new in-market shoppers through Programmatic Display.
  • Exact inventory matches with real-time stock updates using Dynamic Search.
  • Priority placement in online search results with keyword-optimized and location-targeted Paid Search campaigns.
  • Custom ads across the web using Display Advertising on the Google Display Network.
  • Video that grabs more attention and holds it longer.
  • Social Advertising to connect, start conversations, and spread awareness of your dealership where your audience is most likely to share your messages.
  • Retargeting strategies that will keep site visitors coming back for more.

Programmatic Display Advertising

Now you can speak to shoppers before they even begin to search for a dealership or your inventory.

  • Use online consumer behavior and search intent data to find new in-market shoppers.
  • Place in-image ads on premium websites on or off the Google Display Network.
  • Advertise exactly what is on your lot with real-time updated new and used inventory.
  • Drive shoppers directly to your Vehicle Detail Pages.

Dynamic Search Advertising

Match your used car inventory to the right buyers all the way to make, model, year, price, and mileage levels.

  • Serve ads specific to each shopper's search terms.
  • Make exact inventory matches with real-time stock updates.
  • Drive traffic directly to your Vehicle Detail Pages.
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Gone, but not forgotten.

  • Pay special attention to consumers who have already shown interest by visiting your dealership's website.
  • Keep your dealership in the line of site while prospects research other options.
  • Customized ads with relevant landing pages attract qualified leads and encourage conversions.

Paid Search

Four out of five shoppers will buy a different brand than their original search.

  • Get more qualified leads with compelling ads served to people who actually search for information.
  • Strategy-driven campaigns targeted by keyword, location, time and day, network, device, ad position, and more.
  • Dealer-specific campaigns with customized landing pages drive superior results.
  • Expert budget recommendations ensure maximum value.
  • Eliminate guesswork by using continuous ad testing to achieve fine-tuned performance.
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Display Advertising

Gain exposure on the most popular sites on the web.

  • Visually grab consumer attention with images, animation or video to convey your message.
  • Place your ads on the sites most relevant to your dealership's product and services to reach customers not specifically searching for you.
  • Coordinate Display Advertising with Paid Search campaigns to increase your brand recognition.

Video Advertising

Consumers are 27 times more likely to click through video ads than banners.

  • Immerse your audience in your message by reaching them on the next level through video advertising.
  • Engage customers with demonstrations, product information, special offers, or entertaining content that connects them with your brand.
  • Play your videos to specifically-targeted audiences in paid search results, on the display network, or in related content videos on YouTube.

Social Advertising

72% of all internet users are now active on social media.

  • If you want people to talk about your dealership, put it where people are talking - on social media.
  • Use the power of personal influence and spread your brand recognition by letting users see when their friends interact with your dealership.
  • Target your ads with precision using advanced social demographics.